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Was wondering if there is a way to log all "IP" addrsses that cinnect to the server when running. Nicer still would be...
13 years 2 1247
Anyone Else Using Logitech Orbit MP With RoboRealm?
I was wondering if anyone else has been tinkering around with RoboRealm and the Logitech Orbit MP? Any one who is intere...
13 years 2 1806
some sort of PWM
hey, i donot know if this is the right place to ask this but i am stuck at a problem.   i am sen...
13 years 2 2584
traffic light identification
hi i am currently working on a traffic light identification problem as part of my final year project.
13 years 2 1183
No Title
Hi, steven Can you create a specilized software for my .robo file, eliminatin...
13 years 2 2393
Windows 98 Compatability
Is there a version of Robo Realm's software that is Windows 98 compatable? The latest version won't run under win 98,...
13 years 2 1496
skin segmentation
hello guys. first off I should say roborealm is a god sent app. I can test a lot of vision processing ideas without goin...
13 years 2 1479
No Title
Ok, I think I'm on to something here........ and so far its not looking to bad... as of yet, within the last few minute...
13 years 2 2068
SSC-32 Win 98 Software ?
Does anyone know of free software similar to RoboRealm's for the Lynxmotion SSC-32 that works w/Win 98?...
13 years 2 1179
vbscript in vista
hey there is a thread already about this , but i downloaded the roborealm today but i still cannot use VBscript with vis...
13 years 2 2253
Is Partial Shap Matching possible?
I have filtered out all the background noise and created a black and white image of my hand. ...
13 years 2 1219
Help with the Button interface
I am looking for help on the button interface.  I am trying to control a servo position with button. &nbs...
13 years 2 1133
RoboRealm and WI-FI camera
Whether connection of the IP camera to RoboRealm is possible? AXIS-207W, for example?...
13 years 2 1265
Mouse Position
In the mouse module I noticed that it displays the x and y position of the mouse. Is there anyway to access this varialb...
13 years 2 1122
biiiig problem
hey!! i just formatted my machine(XP sp2). well then i downloaded RoboREalm.. and when i run it , the page...
13 years 2 1533
Some Arduino Demos
I put together an article on building an Arduino Dev Board here: http://profmason.com/?p=539
13 years 2 1741
hi, thx u those clarifications. can u plz tell me the purpose...
13 years 2 1084
hey! what is the "angle" in geometric charachteristics  based on, how can i increase the accur...
13 years 2 1689
How to find out COG variables of a blob?
How to find out the cog variables(x,y) of a particular blob. I am attaching the picture. I need to find out the X,Y coor...
13 years 2 1465
Finding the size of blob?
How to use the blob size module. I need to classify the blobs using size....
13 years 2 1191

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