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cameras, Data log
Hi.. 1 I plan to use Roborealm software along with simple webcam for recording XY coordinates of robot ar...
14 years 2 1762
GPJM Problem
Hello... Genius... I like Robo Realm very much.... I learnt lot from their.. ...
14 years 2 1111
Bayer filter flipping?
Hi there, I was wondering what happened to the 'flip vertical' option within the camera s...
14 years 2 1431
SRV1b Buttons. Turning wrong way!
Hi STeven, I just thought you would like to know that on SRV1b the left and right arrows wo...
14 years 2 1455
Problems with nxt
I'm trying to get the ball follower or ball picker examples to work but, Every time I change the value to enable the ri...
14 years 2 1122
Frame Rate
Just a quick question.  I am running the boe-bot with track color tutorial.  The frame rate shown as...
14 years 2 1032
Hi Steve, We are stuck up at waypoint declaration here. We dont have a array...
14 years 2 1460
The Write Images component!!!
Hi, Is there a way to save the processed image without pressing the START button in the write images compo...
14 years 2 1276
BUGS!!! in vb.net...
Hi, The following 2 functions in the API example in visual basic are giving errors:
14 years 2 1408
Shape detection!
Hi, How to detect a specific shape in an image ? and how to get the coordinates of corners...
14 years 2 1360
wireless usb launcher
is it possible to rewire your webcam to the wireless usb laucher soo u can make the webcam wireless with the usb laucher...
14 years 2 1896
Roborealm stays on
Hi STeven, I noticed that even when I save my .robo files, when I open them up again they a...
14 years 2 3813
HI, im trying to make a touchscreen interface, and i wonder if it is possible to use two cameras to simulate a click whe...
14 years 2 1675
"Could not initialize on port COM6 speed 38400"
Scott and I are working with the Java API with DE_Sabertooth to turn a motor. For some reason when the API is executed i...
14 years 2 2116
No Title
Scott found a possible bug. When we change the baud rate in the GUI for the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth you must fi...
14 years 2 2052
How to Line Tracking with LEGO Mindstorms + leJOS
Hello, I am trying to write an algorithm for Line Tracking. But I have no good ideas.
14 years 2 1792
Snap shot
Is it possible to have roborelm take a snap shots by itís self at intervals for example every second and store them in a...
14 years 2 1740
Laser line seperation
Hey I'm using roborealm to seperate a laser line so I can find certain ranges of objects i...
13 years 2 1287
Programming X-Y Dimension variable
Hello.A particular problem statement that I am working on requires that one half of the screen I run RGB filter set to g...
14 years 2 1133
Finding surface data in 3d space
I would like to ask for assistance in programming a specialized filter. Essentially, this f...
14 years 2 1053

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