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extension with dll
Hi, Im trying to use the dll extensions, but when I compile the example appears a dialog box (picture below) and I dont...
14 years 2 1583
write variables each x frames?
Hi, i'm looking for a simple way to write variables each x number of frames? is this possi...
14 years 2 1702
as it relates the RoboRealmSimulation service to RoboRealm Interface?...
14 years 2 1594
roborealm and MSRS simulation
I trying run the RoboRealmSimulation example but match the next error  Creating service with contract(http://s...
14 years 2 1311
Self-Contained Robot
Hi, I'm trying to  build a self-contained visual tracking robot that doesn't have the benefit of a desktop P...
14 years 2 1331
Ricardo Sampaio
Hi every one, im making a line follow robot as i normally do for RoboCup but whit  roborealm. <...
14 years 2 1561
No Title
Can I download all the documentation at once?  I see it on the net but I would like to have a pdf file.
14 years 2 2009
Minimum requirements
Hi all, im planing on using a mini-itx board do use roborealm to make a rover. http://www.v...
14 years 2 3439
Sabertooth x5 python?
Hello again, everyone. Does anyone know where I can find some sample code for controlling the sabertooth x5 in python? <...
14 years 2 1966
Sample edge crash
Hi, STeven This sample edge is really fast, I can run 1190x960 at 30fps rate.
14 years 2 1238
Sampled edges missing last y coordinate
Hi, STeven I think the "SAMPLED_EDGES - an x,y array of the location of the detected edges...
14 years 2 1236
Read Avi
Hi again new question. I record a movie whit my pda *.mp4 Im able to open usi...
14 years 2 1286
Hello, - If I start RR and select any option in the left panel followed by I...
14 years 2 1181
No Title
hey i am trying to incorporate vision into my robots.   but , i am unable to think of any way to...
14 years 2 1873
Pipe Program Help
I need to provide my visual basic program with variables. I tried using a Visual Basic pipe that I found on RR's websit...
14 years 2 1294
RoboRealm MSRS Simulation, 0 bytes file
Hi I'm trying to run the RoboRealm MSRS Simulation, but the file Simulation_example.robo is empty. Should...
14 years 2 1263
export to a stand alone program
is there a way that a compleated RR program can be exported into its own program. E.g. the...
14 years 2 1531
What about this camera?
Anyone know if this camera will work with roborealm? http://00389ee.netsolhost.com/main/usb...
14 years 2 1419
Any way to see Roborealm Log
Hi Friends, is there any ways to see log from robo realm.i am using setImage but i am not getting any resp...
14 years 2 1641
Bare Minimum Window O.S. components
Hello again everyone! I and my friend who are working on our robot and are currently doing...
14 years 2 1379

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