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Lynxmotion loses communication with roborealm
I'm having an issue with the lynxmotion SSC. It's been working for a while, but this evening when I powered up my robot, the l...
8 years 4 2317
wireless transmission over serial
I am using an RF transmitter that I bought locally. It has 8-bits of TTL outputs from a microcontroller. Can someone give me an...
7 years 8 2314
lane detecting
Please Any can suggest me to do the lane detection like the picture which I attached. and How can I detect the broken line in th...
7 years 2 2308
number plate extraction
HI Steven       i appretiate the way you helped out the people in solving th...
10 years 2 2305
Hello, I have several questions about Roborealm and Serial Communication.The microcontroller I'm using is Atmega8
6 years 4 2301
Shape match and orientation... difficulties
Hi, I'm trying to find a triangle's location and orientation using shape match. I started...
5 years 10 2296
Face detection
Hello STeven, In one of my application, I am using Roborealm (license ver 2.47.4). ...
5 years 4 2291
Capturing images
Hi. I just got your program and was really impressed by it. Right now I use a combination of movement and medians and co...
11 years 7 2288
Mosaic Function
Steve, The 240x180 Image Size for Mosaic doesn't appear to show images properly - there is some ty...
6 years 9 2287
adding center off range to joystick control
I am controlling an ROV with a USB Attack 3 Joystick to a Pololu Maestro controller.  I have good control of the slide...
6 years 4 2287
Canny edge detection
Can anyone have canny edge detection source code in visual basic pls mail to me ...
10 years 1 2285
Crop and Scale modules don't change IMAGE_WIDTH variable
Hi STeven, Using RR version 2.5.9, I noticed that when I Crop a 320x240 image to a lesser width, sa...
8 years 11 2284
GPS Module crashing
Hello Everyone, I am using the GPS module for the first time and it seems to crash when I tell it w...
5 years 18 2283
how to calculate distance between objects
well my problem is , there r 3 balls of diff colors which are to be put into there respective holes.......so is der any...
10 years 13 2281
Lego  RCX control interface
I am new to roborealm, and am trying out interfacing with some of my robot platforms. I have been generally sucessful except for...
7 years 5 2280
COG for large images
The COG module doesn't seem to work for the attached, very large image and the Geometric Statistics module gives negative value...
8 years 3 2279
Problems with the bluetooth connection
hi, i wanna use RR to send message to NXT via bluetooth. i tried the Lego_NXT_GBlock_simple example, but the pop-m...
7 years 3 2278
Array Help
In the VBScript section I retrieved the array that was created by the circles filter, but i am stuck on how to find out...
10 years 19 2275
overlay bmp
I look for it but apparently there is no way to overlay a image (bmp, jpg, marker) in a set XY from a variable (like a cog/blob...
8 years 3 2275
RCX brick
I have just purchased several robotics invention systems, which are RCX 1.0 which I have just found out is about 10 years old.&n...
8 years 2 2274

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