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Hi, I have noticed that roborealm can control the pan tilt function on the Logitech Oribit...
10 years 1 1248
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  when i click VBSRIPT_PROGRAM, a messagebox appeas: could not find registered scriptsite.dll,please pla...
9 years 6 2000
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thanks samu...
10 years 1 1942
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How does the RoboRealm SRV1 module convert the JPEG images the SRV1 sends into RGB triplet images?...
9 years 2 1376
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Is the new version of the API out?...
9 years 2 1372
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Including the picture in jpg
10 years 1 1987
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Is there any way to extract the time (in ms) as a variable for export/programming?  I'm using the Display_DateTime mo...
9 years 3 1249
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I tried running the API in my program in visual c++ express 2008 and Im getting the following errors: RR_API.obj :...
9 years 3 1726
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How do I use and process images from the simulated webcam in MSRS? What I want to do is shi...
10 years 1 1406
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I am new to robots. I want to implement an overhead camera to track the robot. Can I use this roborealm software for Ima...
9 years 4 1850
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Hi there Is there any way to get the AVI Write Module to start automatically? I would like...
9 years 2 1333
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I have been able to extract the license plate and match the Letters and numbers as in the attached image.
9 years 4 1712
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Hi, I have just purchased a Canon Minidv camcorder ZR850. I tried using it with the firewire connection bu...
10 years 3 1593
cameras, Data log
Hi.. 1 I plan to use Roborealm software along with simple webcam for recording XY coordinates of robot ar...
10 years 2 1227
detect white  color?
How to detect white color using RGB filter? ...
2 years 3 843
Recommend a high speed camera
Hello, I want to get a high speed camera, I guess if 1394 camera can be compatible with RoboReam or other type. A...
9 years 4 1417
"Write AVI" with the filename from variable
Is it possible to do a Write AVI with the file name provided in a variable?...
10 months 2 336
(Virtual serial port emulator) not work
I need to connect a virtual serial port with RoboRealm. The program that emulates the serial "virtual serial port...
6 years 3 1539
-apiport and -newinstance broken
It seems like -apiport and -newinstance are broken in newer versions.  2.5.2 and the newest 2.11.6.
8 years 3 902
.robo file it loads tabs but doesn't load their contents
Dear STeven. I in a script use tabs. When I open .robo file it loads tabs but doesn't load their co...
2 years 3 539

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