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Laser tracking
Hello, Is it possible to track a laser with a robot that is controlled by a Sabertooth dx10 motorco...
8 years 6 2368
Firewire Camcorder Support
STeven, Anothe future feature request: Could you'll investigate supporting CAMcorders with firewir...
8 years 7 2367
Problem with Saitek USB Joystick
Joystick module is not working with my Saitek USB Pad. The Pad functions correctly with it's driver but nothing is disp...
10 years 5 2357
tracking single movments object
question : i want to make a movment tracker... the problem is : when i have one object (person) rob...
7 years 2 2357
Variables don't change for motors?
I'm trying to get my robot to change motor values via voice command. But its not working. The sabe...
8 years 2 2353
source code??
Hi, i am using roborealm for my final year project and i am expected to explain the process of my image analysis...
7 years 4 2353
How to upload to robot, Rovio- New at this
How to upload to robot, Rovio? I am new at this. Thank you....
7 years 4 2351
AVR Navigator
Does the body inertia setting of the AVM Navigator module ramp the movement variables up and down? I'm worried that giving a si...
6 years 8 2351
Version 2.18
I downloaded the latest version, and my Phidget 888 quit working, It said i did not have correct Dll loaded...
7 years 6 2349
Define angle with small soccer plates
Hi, can we find the angle between colors used on plates in small soccer leagues? thanks...
7 years 6 2349
Servo Reversing
Hi there, I just hooked up an SSC 32 servo controller board. seems to be working well.
7 years 5 2348
Trendnet Camera and KWorld Video Capture
I have a Trendnet camera http://www.trendnet.co...
9 years 9 2347
running 3 unipolar stepper motor using parallel porting..
we are doing our special project.. and we are facing some problems in programming and how to interface the 3 unipolar stepper mo...
8 years 6 2342
Point Cloud Analysis
Hi STeven, I'm playing around with a home made laser scanner with RoboRealm anaysis. It se...
9 years 9 2334
Lynxmotion Python Control
Is there by chance any python API that I can examine to see how to control servos using the Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo controller....
8 years 2 2334
No Title
So I have been slowly working through the propeller labs.  Taking a small baby step, I am trying to get robore...
10 years 2 2330
Outdoor navigation
Hello everyone I'am Bob. I'am part of a project group at my school and we are building a robot which should be a...
8 years 7 2326
Multiple Camers
I've been wrestling with this for 2 days now... how can I get RR to load using a specific camera and .robo file?
8 years 9 2323
Set new destination during runtime
Hello, Please find the robo file, for which i have two questions: 1) w...
8 years 6 2322
Startup Troubles
Hi, I have made a robot using Roborealm, and saved the file that I require as a .robo file. Now when I startup the compu...
9 years 22 2319

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