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Update rate
I have a webcam on a pantilt hooked up to a serializer (www.roboticsconnection.com). I have a c# app getting the COG of...
11 years 2 1713
Update on 2.30.2
thanks for not giving up. I almost have. This build is Much much better.
8 years 2 1324
Update on 2.30
Everything the same. Worked once and then Never again. The earlier versions worked once every 20-30 times. Yet, it worked every...
8 years 14 1794
UPDATE ON 2.29.6
Hey Steven,     With 2.29.6 everything is the same for me, except the square to...
8 years 1 748
update existing image
Hi friends, I am setting image using setImage() (using java) now if i have some pixel area t...
11 years 3 867
Update - how to?
how can I update my version? Greetings Ulli...
8 years 3 915
Unstable variable assignments
I have been using Robo Realm to control My 300 lb robot Ethel. I keep having problems with the variable names changing in the mo...
9 years 7 2464
Unstable behaviour of
Hello, As a complete newbie to RoboRealm I'm trying a out a few simple things in the image proces...
9 years 3 859
I have tried to use this program on 3 different computers, 2 with XP and one with Vista. It...
10 years 4 876
Unseening camera
I have been testing several cameras to test sensitivity to several wave lengths of lasers.  So I have had to switch my...
8 years 5 2224
unrecognized image type
I am having trouble with the Load_Image module. When I select the "Read Images in Folder" option, I get the error: "Unrecogni...
7 years 3 2046
University Discount?
My professor wants to purchase a copy of roborealm.  Is there any discount available for a university purchase?...
8 years 1 899
Underwater ROV serial communication and other questions
Hello all, First I would like to say thanks to the community for helping me get this far in my proj...
6 years 5 3531
Unable To Upload ftp images
Dear RR, I am using RoboRealm Version and having problems upload images using the ftp modu...
10 years 24 2810
unable to register RR_COM_API.dll
Dear STeaven When I type the command "regsvr32 rr_com_api.dll" ,I get an error message telling th...
9 years 4 1587
Unable to Add RoboRealm.dll to C# project
Hi, I am trying to explore RoboRealm.dll. I created a C# project and then try to add RoboRealm.dll ...
1 year 2 570
Un-zoom view
Hello, I have been trying to see the camera view in great detail and used the zoom function to enlarge the pictur...
4 years 2 641
UBUNTU oneiric no image
Hello, I installed RoboRealm 2.44.2 with wine on my UBUNTU 11.10 oneiric. The prroblem is that RoboRealms screen k...
6 years 1 964
Uav prototype
Just wanted to thank Steve and the team for RR. It has saved me heaps of time and hav moved months ahead just with using RR. I h...
7 years 2 1319
two webcams
hi its CJ again jeez im just full of questions anyway i was wondering i want to buy another webcam exactly the same as the one i...
7 years 3 1065

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