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Problem with variables from CScript
I'm having problems with CScript variables. I'm just playing around at the moment, but I've just written up a script to find...
7 years 3 2584
ETA on stereo processing
Hello, I just stumbled upon this project and have a couple questions.  About how...
11 years 6 2583
Error: InitCom()
I'd like to control my RCX. I hav Mindstorms 1.5, so I must use the COM1. I select "COM1" in the Select-Box. When I n...
11 years 5 2580
Live Sports Updates
I was wondering how I could get live sports updates using the new HTTP module.  I am not sure how to go about doing th...
8 years 2 2579
Modbus/ModTCP/OPC communications
Hi, I have started playing with RR (Amazing software, and free to boot!) to use it for  counting  objects on...
10 years 3 2577
COG of detected circles
I was wondering if there was a way to find the center of gravity of individual circles in an image. Here is my circle de...
11 years 4 2574
Define angle with small soccer plates
Hi, can we find the angle between colors used on plates in small soccer leagues? thanks...
8 years 6 2573
Changing Servo speed from VBScript
HI, Iím working with VBScript module sending variables to Lynxmotion_SSC but I donít know how to change the servomotor speed fro...
7 years 3 2573
Hi everybody, I'm trying to connect Wifibot (http://www.net-rob.com/page3.php) to Roborealm .The general idea is follow curtain...
8 years 13 2563
RR suitability
I've read through the tutorials, documentation, and some of the forum.  My interest is machine vision for RC aircraft...
9 years 5 2561
Point Cloud Analysis
Hi STeven, I'm playing around with a home made laser scanner with RoboRealm anaysis. It se...
10 years 9 2560
Variables don't change for motors?
I'm trying to get my robot to change motor values via voice command. But its not working. The sabe...
9 years 2 2560
How to upload to robot, Rovio- New at this
How to upload to robot, Rovio? I am new at this. Thank you....
8 years 4 2559
can a servo can be controlled with a simple bluetooth dongle
i have a question and really need a answer... i will use a serial servo controller to a rc car.. can i use a simple blue...
11 years 3 2552
GPS Module crashing
Hello Everyone, I am using the GPS module for the first time and it seems to crash when I tell it w...
6 years 18 2551
Servo Reversing
Hi there, I just hooked up an SSC 32 servo controller board. seems to be working well.
8 years 5 2548
Motion Detection
Can RR do motion detection? I've been using RR for several weeks - it's awesome! &nb...
11 years 2 2544
image stabilization
I'm looking for real-time image stabilization software for a moving robotic application.  There will be plenty of cam...
9 years 2 2544
Lynxmotion Python Control
Is there by chance any python API that I can examine to see how to control servos using the Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo controller....
9 years 2 2544
Can you track these balls?
I'm new to Roborealm, and I'm learning all the modules and how to apply each module in each situation.
9 years 5 2542

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