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Hi everybody, I'm trying to connect Wifibot (http://www.net-rob.com/page3.php) to Roborealm .The general idea is follow curtain...
7 years 13 2458
How does new Floor Finder work with old settings?
Hi STeven, I'm having some difficulty getting the new Floor Finder module to work as nicely as the...
7 years 6 2457
Floor Finder tweaking
I've been working on several techniques to enable my Rovio to wander around my cluttered basement.  I am having troub...
7 years 5 2454
Changing Servo speed from VBScript
HI, Iím working with VBScript module sending variables to Lynxmotion_SSC but I donít know how to change the servomotor speed fro...
6 years 3 2451
Live Sports Updates
I was wondering how I could get live sports updates using the new HTTP module.  I am not sure how to go about doing th...
7 years 2 2445
ASUS Xtion
FYI - Some more hardware for RoboRealm to support. Asus is soon coming out with a Kinect like device with a C++, C# development...
6 years 2 2438
No Title
Will this SSC controller http://roborealm.com/help/SSC.php
10 years 2 2434
how can i do for serial communication
I don have interface like SSC, Lego, only PIC...
11 years 4 2431
Mindstorm project
  I have to program a robot for my final year project. I am using the Nxt kit and with a camera. I will not be...
10 years 9 2429
Running Different image proccessing pipelines on seperate camera feeds
Hello, I am attempting to run separate modules on different camera feeds.  For example, I...
8 years 2 2429
Unable To Upload ftp images
Dear RR, I am using RoboRealm Version and having problems upload images using the ftp modu...
9 years 24 2426
image stabilization
I'm looking for real-time image stabilization software for a moving robotic application.  There will be plenty of cam...
8 years 2 2422
Laser tracking
Hello, Is it possible to track a laser with a robot that is controlled by a Sabertooth dx10 motorco...
8 years 6 2422
Motion Detection
Can RR do motion detection? I've been using RR for several weeks - it's awesome! &nb...
10 years 2 2421
Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 Webcam
I have the Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 Webcam and the RoboRealm software does not seem to recognize the camera.  ...
10 years 3 2417
Measuring Objects
Gentlemen, Which is the best way to measure an object in Roborealm. For example I would like...
6 years 4 2416
Can you track these balls?
I'm new to Roborealm, and I'm learning all the modules and how to apply each module in each situation.
8 years 5 2415
tracking single movments object
question : i want to make a movment tracker... the problem is : when i have one object (person) rob...
7 years 2 2415
Firewire Camcorder Support
STeven, Anothe future feature request: Could you'll investigate supporting CAMcorders with firewir...
8 years 7 2412
how to connect roborealm to c++?
How can I connect wireless to C++ using Roborealm. I'm goona display the view from the wireless camera on the GUI of C++. I hop...
8 years 11 2411

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