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USB Port / RoboRealm Module
Iím  trying to figure out what RR module I should use to get my RR Blog Filter to communicate with my Phidget 1011 int...
3 years 7 869
USB Missle Launcher
I do have a number of webcams around but was interested in the one that Roboreal uses. Mostly because of...
11 years 1 1654
USB Missle Launcher
I do have a number of webcams around but was interested in the one that Roboreal uses. Mostly because of...
10 years 5 2691
USB Missle Launcher
I am having difficulties with the Dream Cheeky USB Missle Launcher.  I have gotten everything else working (my...
11 years 7 3304
USB Missiles not firing!!
Just got the USB Missile launcher by Dream Cheeky.... it moves and aims fine but missiles will not fire!!  not sure if...
7 years 2 908
USB Missile striker (object tracking)
Hi, I have been playing with object tracking using my striker usb missile launcher, here is...
11 years 4 1436
USB Missile Launcher
Is there somone who could make a setup/tutorial on how to use a webcam to control the USB Missile Launcher ( ...
9 years 37 20080
Has anyone interfaced RoboRealm with a USBMICRO  4x1 ? I am trying to interface my ultras...
7 years 1 828
USB HID Receive Data Error
Hi Steven. I had try to implement USB HID on my RR application. However, I got an error on received data. I made a...
3 years 8 1903
Hi STeven, I've just downloaded v1.8.7.6 and I can't see the USB HID interface in the Con...
10 years 6 1710
usb connection to parallax board of education
I've been looking for a working solution on how to communicate with a Parallax board of education and the basic stamp 2 using a...
8 years 2 1199
USB Camera live video crash
When trying to press Camera button again to show live video in options,  the roborealm crashes.
6 years 3 628
USB analog video capture stick
Hi, does anybody know if the Compro VideoMate C200 USB Capture Stick  (http://www.comprousa.com/en/product/c200/c200.h...
9 years 2 1302
Usage of MCU Module with Arduino Mega
Hello, I am currently working on a project involving controlling a submersible (the BlueROV from Bl...
1 year 1 387
I'm using RoboRealm 2.28.4  I see there is a new version out. I'm wanting to upgrade to...
7 years 2 845
Update Twitter account from your robot. SMS Also
Hi Guys, I have setup some simple lines of code that will stream information (Variables, results, e...
9 years 1 794
update roborealm
hello... i want to ask something important...i had purchase this roborealm software and also i had...
9 years 3 912
Update rate
I have a webcam on a pantilt hooked up to a serializer (www.roboticsconnection.com). I have a c# app getting the COG of...
11 years 2 1601
Update on 2.30.2
thanks for not giving up. I almost have. This build is Much much better.
8 years 2 1250
Update on 2.30
Everything the same. Worked once and then Never again. The earlier versions worked once every 20-30 times. Yet, it worked every...
8 years 14 1692

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