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blob tracking
Hi I am trying to track blobs within series of pictures. I have images with a lot of blobs on it and I want to rec...
5 years 2 591
using a counter for setvariable
I would like to SetVariable "left_motor" and "right_motor" until e.g. the robot moves 3m forward and then turns right then f...
5 years 2 592
Line Following sensor
Hello, I want to use some line following sensors from Robotics Connection. The datasheet was at
5 years 2 592
Lynxmotion Robot Control
    I have a Lynxmotion 4WD rover controlled by there "BB2" microcontroller .I have set up a simple wirele...
6 years 2 593
Distributor Client Not Connecting When in Robo File
I am connecting to RR on my robot using a copy of RR on my desktop. The desktop robo file is attached.
6 years 1 593
Purchase licence
Hi, my administrator is asking about the licence and how it is distributed. i am going to assume that a personalised programme i...
5 years 2 593
Best method for embeding RR into another app ?
Hello, I have been evaluating RR on a customer's request and I'm having doubts it is suitable for...
4 years 3 593
Repeaded double click on module does not open window
STeven, (I have tested this with our 3 line program.robo from the OCR thread, but should work with ...
4 years 3 593
Keyboard Shortcuts
I find some of the RR keyboard shortcuts on the main interface quite useful, but to me there appears to be a conflict. Pressing ...
3 years 2 593
Handwriting/Signature Detection/Extraction
I'm curious to know if anyone has experimented detecting and extracting handwriting? One example is the signature on a check, d...
5 years 2 594
Freezing a frame for AVI Readback
I can play back a recorded AVI file.  How can I stop the playback to debug parts that my modules do not handle as desi...
5 years 2 594
Roborealm not recognizing multiple Playstation Eye cameras
Hello all, I'm trying to create a depth map with Roborealm using my two Playstation Eye cameras, b...
5 years 2 594
TCP socket not receiving all the data
I'm sending a series of points from a Raspberry pi over a TCP socket. I have confirmed with putty that the receiving computer is...
3 years 2 594
REgarding camera resoltuion
Sir, i am working on a project of autonomous rc car and i am using image processing for it.but on my screen i am getting a resol...
2 years 2 594
How to detect light?
Hi everyone. I'm new on roborealm software and for a I project I need to detect the light emission. Do you know how to do that...
6 years 6 596
Multiple clients connected to RoboRealm Server
I am running a remote client that is connecting to my robot. However, I now want to run a client locally in the robot machine to...
5 years 2 596
Joystick variables over distributor server/client
I am using the distributor server/client modules to control my robot (a converted wheelchair).  I have a laptop on the...
5 years 3 596
line angle limit
Hi STeven, This module is great as the distance of the line can be limited. Is it also possible to ...
5 years 4 596
Irobot - a good approach for building a robot?
The irobot roomba or create seems to be a great platform for building a own robot. It has plenty of sensors and a build-in basal...
5 years 2 596
loadProgram from Visual Basic
Hi STeven, I am trying to use Visual Basic 6 to load my Roborealm program, and using the rr.loadProgram command does not seem to...
4 years 2 596

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