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SRV-1b laser control
Has anyone been using laser control in the SRV-1b module (RR version 2.2.12)?  I created a laser variable and can togg...
9 years 7 2890
Measuring angle of a tag in an image
This project is concerned with measuring the angle that a white tag lies in an image. An example of what the image will look lik...
9 years 3 2882
USB Missle Launcher
I do have a number of webcams around but was interested in the one that Roboreal uses. Mostly because of...
10 years 5 2875
Write AVI and multiple .avi Filenames
In your Write AVI module I would like to be able to change the Filename that is created.  Say with a date/timestamp na...
8 years 8 2874
Pause Function in VbScript
Hey I am wondering if anyone knows how to pause using VbScript? I need to pause between servo movements using Sparkfun Arduino a...
8 years 2 2868
CCD camera and 4 channel Usb DVR
Hello everybody, I seen this program on the internet and thought I would give it a shot.
8 years 4 2864
Gear Head Webcam WC755IPT Support in Roborealm
So I have a couple Gear Head 1.3 Megapixel Webam Motions Model #: WC755IPT that have built in pan and tilt servos.  Th...
8 years 2 2862
Unable To Upload ftp images
Dear RR, I am using RoboRealm Version and having problems upload images using the ftp modu...
10 years 24 2860
thickness probe
hello, i have been working with thickness and line probes but i still have not figured out how to work and position the probes....
8 years 6 2860
I am trying the URG hokuyo example with my model UTM30LX. Everything seems to go nice except the visualization. The laser connec...
8 years 3 2859
Sabertooth 2X25, motors not responding
I'm not actually sure if this is a bug, but the motors on my robot are not responding. I've connected the Sabertooth 2x25, tur...
9 years 3 2856
Nxt brain dead
Hi I have 6 nxt robotic kits that I bought 2 years ago and now they do not work. The battery says t...
8 years 6 2856
How does new Floor Finder work with old settings?
Hi STeven, I'm having some difficulty getting the new Floor Finder module to work as nicely as the...
8 years 6 2851
Official Kinect Drivers
FYI - Official Microsoft Kinect drivers coming in Spring! Should make driver installs easier along with access to other features...
7 years 6 2850
Head Tracking Demo using RoboRealm
Hello, I thought some of you might get a kick out of a few head tracking videos I just made using R...
8 years 10 2848
Working RoboRealm & Webcam in Ubuntu!
Here it is folks: RoboRealm running in Ubuntu and Wine with a working webcam. I forgot that the most obvious thing to do for Web...
10 years 3 2843
Generic HID driver and USB-UIRT
Kudos for the generic HID driver.  I am working with the Dream Cheeky USB chess board and my robotic arm.  I...
9 years 5 2842
Motion detection - save stream
Hi, I'm new to roborealm, and the purpose that i'd like to use it for is not related to r...
11 years 3 2838
Manipulating Probes (Line probe)
Hello, I would programmatically use the edge probe to check the alignment of a blob/object. &n...
9 years 3 2837
Multi object tracking and triggering
Here is the working vbscript It work amazingly great for multiblob tracking and triggering. I found very tricky to work with it....
5 years 12 2836

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