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VBScript floats decimal mark
Hi there, I am using Roborealm on two different systems, both English windows 10, but on one of the...
6 months 3 221
vbscript error
I've used the vbscript to manipulate my variables and then later set a variable, but I can't see it in the variable list using...
8 years 3 1011
VBscript error
I just made a robot with Roborealm and Arduino, which tracks a red object. And it's coded in VBScript. Whenever I run it the ser...
1 year 2 353
VBScript counter for stepper motor steps
Hello, Was trying to figure out the best way to count the steps in left(+) and right(-) directions on my stepper m...
5 years 2 1042
VBscript Com port communication
I'm trying to output some data to a usb relay (USB-RLY02). The only information the datasheet has is:
5 years 2 1627
VBScript Byte Variable
The code won't run if I put Dim name As Byte to declare a var...
9 years 3 2792
VBScript Blob Count and Display Text
Hi, I have a VBScript Problem. I'm developing a counting program, whe...
6 years 2 1581
VBScript API Help
I am struggling and would appreciate some guidance! I wish to execute a vbs which will load an imag...
7 years 6 1241
Hello, Im using this code: x = GetVariable("HIGHEST_MIDDLE_X") midx...
9 years 3 1036
i am new to RR , i hav 2 questions.. 1> whr can i lern basic VBscript i dnt knw it... 2&g...
10 years 2 1203
Hello, I want to be able to have a section of code that runs constantly like an infi...
6 years 4 1044
hi everyone..... i downloaded the trial version of roborealm. It looks excellent. I have one major doubt. After im...
7 years 2 1381
vbs codeing
ive had a go at makeing a motion tracking turret (and the most dangerous thing that will ever be mounted on it is a soft...
11 years 3 3126
my following vbs script work fine in windows. Dim objShell Set objShell = WScript.Cre...
2 years 3 737
VB6 Frame capture
Hello, I'd like to use a VisualBasic6 Pipe extension to capture the video stream from the webcam and store each frame i...
11 years 4 7120
vb.net API sample is not work
When I try to run the vb.net API sample I get the following error: "Cannot create ActiveX component." in reference to this lin...
9 years 3 1342
VB.Net and Shape Recognition
Hi there, I've downloaded RoboRealm and it looks fantastic - I plan to interface to it fro...
9 years 4 6787
vb.net 2008 rr api calls
how to use the vb.net 2008 rr api...i saw the text.vb source file but it has the sample calls for roborealms...i wnted to kno wh...
8 years 2 912
VB.Net 2005 Calls to rr
Hello.    I am trying to get VB.Net 2005 to correctly interface with rr. Everything works ok except that...
8 years 2 958
VB script..
Can anybody guide me thru how or what should i write on my VB Script source program so that i could make an output to my buzzer...
7 years 2 1817

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