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Video_Frame variable  incorrect
I am using Media Reader to read a .mp4 video. I need an accurate variable of what frame the source video is on.
5 years 2 1512
Video will not play, only by mouse clicking the screen, it steps only
How do I get normal playback playback of a avi file? The only way I have found is to mouse click the screen, then it steps, no c...
8 years 2 772
Video from another program.
I am using the trial version, as I have been unable to locate the function I want. Doesn't mean it...
6 years 2 972
Video format and Lynxmotion_SSC bugs in
Hello, I upgraded to the latest version of RR ( and the Video Format button is gre...
9 years 10 1519
Video Capture Issues
Once i click my camera on button this message appears " Only rgb24, rgb32, rgb555, yuyv, yuy2, uyvy, i420, yv12, y800...
11 years 2 3189
video capture from source crash
When trying to save to Write AVI, RR crashes. RR works when I set 'Image to Save' to Curr...
10 years 5 1733
HI, I want to know if it is possible load a video in RR, similarly how we load an image! and i want to process tha...
2 years 2 1007
VFW Driver
I am using roborealm and it works fine.  I tried using the API to connect to it via sockets in C# and whenever...
10 years 2 1259
VEXplorer Navigation and Bug in Button interface?
The VEXplorer can navigate to a can, position its claw appropriately, close the claw and pickup the can.  By c...
9 years 3 1107
VEXplorer as Vision Platform
Hi Folks, I just got a Vexplorer and spent the evening putting it through its paces. &...
9 years 4 1635
Vex Serial Communication
I've been having trouble getting my Vex Protobot to move using serial communication.  I've followed the instructions...
5 years 2 1258
Vex and Roborealm
Hi I am using vex to control 5 motors and I want roborealm to detect an object and tell the motors to pick it up can you please...
5 years 2 721
Very Slow
I want to make a broken line flowing robot. But with the camera my servo is running very slowly. What should I do or change to m...
8 years 2 862
Where are the versions of RoboRealm listed?...
4 years 3 605
Hi STeven Is it possible to have two new system variables? I display t...
2 years 3 530
Version Check
Hi i have a request that i think would help every one, Roborealm is a fantastic program an is updating in a fast pace.
9 years 1 943
Version 2.18
I downloaded the latest version, and my Phidget 888 quit working, It said i did not have correct Dll loaded...
7 years 6 2376
version red object tracking
Hi, I've tried all of the filters under "Examples" in version and all work fine except...
9 years 3 1193
Velleman USB
I have a Velleman USB interface board (K8055). I was wondering if there was an easy way to control it from roborealm. I have alr...
8 years 17 3456
Velleman K8056 with roborealm
I am new to this software - roborealm - I was wandering if anyone know how to interface Velleman K8056 8 relay board which conne...
8 years 2 1268

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