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visual odometry
Hello, Is the visual odometry  module still...
11 years 1 1270
Parallax USB Servo Controller
Hello Everyone,          Hi i need some healp with program...
11 years 1 1247
Bug with this forum page!
I choose No thanks for the Donate for a quicker response.. and it says it's required..  I had to cheat and say Buy yo...
10 years 1 949
Font sizes
Thank you for the larger fonts in the most recent downlaod. I had replaced Verdana 12 with a home-b...
10 years 1 1374
FTP_Image module enhancement
Issue: Currently if the module encounters a connection problem a error dialog is generated. The dialog has an 'Ok...
10 years 1 1364
Still experimenting with my people counting.. 1. Once a blob is identified and displayed after filtering, how do Y...
10 years 1 1425
Update Twitter account from your robot. SMS Also
Hi Guys, I have setup some simple lines of code that will stream information (Variables, results, e...
10 years 1 1077
Spykee controlled with fingers
I played around with finger tracking and made it control the spykee. The article is here: ...
10 years 1 1163
Vanishing Point Detection for Vex Navigation
Hey Folks, I am including a link to a Youtube.com video I posted.  I used RoboRealm's Vanishing Point m...
10 years 1 1238
Older Versions
Are the older (free) versions still available?  I am just doing this as a hobby... I don't need all the new features....
10 years 1 1100
Canon Camera
Hi, I am working on a computer vision problem trying to read many small bar codes all at once and we were interested in utilizin...
10 years 1 1094
Interfaces for robomagellan
Multiple questions related to organizing a robomagellan type design What are people doing for inter...
10 years 1 1391
Spykee control from RR webserver?
I am wondering if someone made up Spykee controls from the RR web server? I have some web page making experience but no experien...
10 years 1 1261
adding differences problem
Hello steven, i downloaded the latest version of RR. i seems to me that the Math module is not working compared with a old (free...
10 years 1 2473
Use RR from LabWindows
Hi, I saw that's possible use RR from my own program through API! My question is: Is possible use...
10 years 1 1282
Thanks for the Align Histogram module!
Hey STeven, Congrats on releasing the new Align_Histogram module--and thanks!  This is go...
10 years 1 2583
Robotix2010 @ IIT Kharagpur
Technology Robotix Society invites all robot enthusiasts to ROBOTiX2010 ROBOTiX is As...
10 years 1 994
smoothing outline
Can you please explain how the outline is smoothed after erosion in three techniques of obstacle avidance?
9 years 1 1080
Hi, I'm starting a project with a group of friends for a class. We built the head where it will enclose all the m...
9 years 1 1727
interactive pointer project
if GetVariable("COG_AREA") > 0 then   SetVariable "prev_x", GetVariable("next_x"...
9 years 1 3690

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