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connection between Serial Comm & VBScript
Hi i'm using BrainStem controller and trying to build a pan-tilt webCam. how can i d...
12 years 1 1268
Looking for a partner
Hi! I am looking for a talented, AI, streaming video analysis and mechatronic skilled person to take part in proje...
12 years 1 1323
No Title
The Microsoft Speech 5.0 is no longer availible is there anyother way to get input?...
12 years 1 2283
Keyboard_Send to Another Application
I'm having problems getting Keyboard_send to send a character press to another application. my tes...
12 years 1 1223
red tracking servo controller
so i was wondering how you would modify the red tracking orbit camera vbs so it would work on a parallax servo controller...
12 years 1 1433
temporary image capture
I am looking for a feature similar to video marker, but for a single image (snapshot). I have two...
12 years 1 1312
iRobot Roomba Sensor Reading
I am using the Roomba module provided RoboRealm along with the VB scripting module and having trouble reading sensor values. Som...
12 years 1 1451
Structured Light Patterns?
I am building a 3d laser and white light scanner and was wanting to know if anyone can tell me how to get 3d structured light pa...
12 years 1 1468
Button setting
This has been reported before but I haven't found a definitive resolution posted. I'm using versi...
12 years 1 1275
Stereo cameras
how can I get a fuller frame to align in the webcam applet? I tried 640X480 and it wrapped the imag...
12 years 1 1443
dose api need make thread?
Hi,       It is still not to use create blob arrays in blob filter with socket exte...
12 years 1 1232
If block poblem
I don't whether its a bug or what... I've attached the screenshot or RR... As you would see from the image, the value of INIT...
12 years 1 1222
Advice needed for analyzing 360-degree images
Hello, I have set up a 360-degree vision system on my robot and would like to use it to aid indoor...
12 years 1 1529
distributor_server question
When I set up a distributor server/client connection with another PC over internet (broadband), the video feed seems to struggle...
12 years 1 1252
image match
i looked at the documentation but couldn't find a guide for the image match module. Can you please post a guide for it....
12 years 1 1273
Bitmap Blob Filter
Hi, I am having trouble with the bitmap blob filter.  I have three images to help: 1st - t...
12 years 1 1966
TUIO Support
Hi, I would like to use RR for my multitouch screen, but in fact, it would be great if RR could sen...
12 years 1 1327
Font Size
It would be great if the font size could be specified as a number.  When working at with large images > 2500px , th...
12 years 1 1321
Suggestion to FTP uploading.
Hi STeven! I think it would be a good idea (if it's not already there and I missed it), if wheneve...
12 years 1 1314
Version Check
Hi i have a request that i think would help every one, Roborealm is a fantastic program an is updating in a fast pace.
12 years 1 1383

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