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Add an update button to RR
Have you ever considered adding an Update button to RR.  Its kind of a pain in the @55 to go back and find the origina...
8 years 2 1174
Add another vote for an OCR module...
Add one more vote for another OCR module - that would be a great mod (particularly if you can train it)... TJ...
11 years 1 1318
add Display_DateTime module to write_variable module
Hi Steven, I really like the Display_DateTime module. However, it doesn't appear in my Write_Variables module ava...
10 years 3 2116
Add grainy look to image
We emulate a dust storm on Mars and would like to add a grainy look to an image.  Something similar to doing the rever...
5 years 4 1214
adding center off range to joystick control
I am controlling an ROV with a USB Attack 3 Joystick to a Pololu Maestro controller.  I have good control of the slide...
8 years 4 2815
adding differences problem
Hello steven, i downloaded the latest version of RR. i seems to me that the Math module is not working compared with a old (free...
10 years 1 2383
Adding DVR
I purchased RoboRealm  without the DVR plugin. I am assuming that I can purchase and add the plugin to RoboRealm at a...
7 years 5 1230
Adding Waypoints From Blob
I Have basicly Copied the Path finding tutorial, making a few small changes like cropping the image and filtering different colo...
10 years 2 2366
Addition of SIFT module to Roborealm
Hi, We are working on the computer vision problem of category and object recognition. We have been...
10 years 2 1509
Advantech I/O board support
Hi, while searching for the most convinient way to control relays in my application I found these nice boards:
6 years 3 968
Advice needed for analyzing 360-degree images
Hello, I have set up a 360-degree vision system on my robot and would like to use it to aid indoor...
11 years 1 1333
aerial imaging shape tracking
currenly im working on canset image viewing with is aerial images..i want to know..how can i detect a shape such a rectangular b...
10 years 4 3214
Ai Ball WiFi Camera
Steven, Do you think Roborealm supports this miniature Wifi camera called the Ai Ball below?
6 years 3 2724
Alerting when locked on - FRC image tracking
Is there a way to get a message back to the smart dashboard saying that we are currently tracking distance to the goal. For exam...
6 years 7 1121
Alerts - Signals - Beeps
How do I get Robo-realm to alert or signal when it identifies an object?  I would like Robo-realm to alert and send a ...
4 years 5 925
Align two pictures
Hello,     I am creating a program that grades scantrons.  I use a webcam to capture...
10 years 6 7941
Allied Guppy F503C IRF 1394 camera capture issue
I'm  a newbie.  I have installed the  camera's driver.and i can  see the image in ...
8 years 2 1788
ambitious/absured 3D manipulation project
Dear RoboRealm community and the totally awesome dude STeven, I want to build a robot and vision sy...
9 years 1 1108
AmScope mu1000 camera
What do I need to do to get the usb camera to show up in the camera list? This is a USB camera on a microscope, tr...
6 years 2 1035
Analog Input
I'm looking for an analog input board that is compatible w/Roborealm's software to my Lynxmotion SSC32. ...
11 years 1 1363

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