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how can one reduce the heat generated by the TIP120 transistor in controlling the speed of dc motor using the pulses fro...
13 years 1 1263
Camera I like
I have ordered a bunch of cameras over the last year (Like 20)  I had a mini grant to test different cameras i...
13 years 1 2346
Hello, I have been trying to access the Robo Realm API using Python. When I try to access the variables that have been s...
13 years 1 1217
how to use setarrayvariable
Hi, STeven How can I use the setarrayvariable? Could you pleas...
13 years 1 1314
Control of electron-multiplying gain in EMCCD cameras
An Electron-Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) uses an electron multiplying structure built into the sensor to obtain high sensitiv...
13 years 1 1338
Measure distance and direction traveled with vision
I am creating an outdoor robot and would like to use optical flow to determine the distance and direction my robot is tr...
13 years 1 1255
How i use in roboreal mi RF04 and CM02 modules
I have wireless modules RF04 (usb transceiver) and CM02 (transceiver I2C) conected in my hexapode robot, but i cant send...
13 years 1 1491
For Anyone interested in AI, for your bot, you may want to look at the Verbot site, there is a great AI package, that yo...
12 years 1 1339
Image Analysis Help/Limitations?
Hello, I have an image composed of rectangles (black and red), logos and som...
12 years 1 1528
Distributed server/client question
Hello, I am running RoboRealm on a mobile robot whose brain is a mini-itx single board comp...
12 years 1 1238
Analog Input
I'm looking for an analog input board that is compatible w/Roborealm's software to my Lynxmotion SSC32. ...
12 years 1 1527
how can i use a DAQ card to read analog voltage with roborealm?...
12 years 1 1275
XBEE IEEE 802.15.4 - LR-WPAN
Does anyone know if the Parallax Mod will work with a XBEE - IEEE 802.15.4 Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network proto...
12 years 1 2517
Analog Input..
I'm looking for a Analog Input to USB device that will work with RR.  Anyone know of such a thing?
12 years 1 1670
No Title
I want another set of servos like a turret to track what the orbit cam is pointed towards. Instead...
12 years 1 2495
Parallel Port Stepper Control
It seems like I'm not seeing all the parallel port bits in the drop down list. The board I'm usin...
12 years 1 1494
No Title
hi,steven,   I'm now using RoboRealm1.8.1. I just got an image capture card and a camera.
12 years 1 2137
iRobot Create with serial Cable.
Having issues with Irobot Craete not working correctly when used with a serial cable.  Works fine when used with a BAM...
12 years 1 2111
Logitech Fusion exposure time
Is there a way for the program to set the Logitech Fusion exposure time using a variable or something? That way I can have it ru...
12 years 1 1218
Thank you for this brilliant tool
I have been working on a PC based robot since I saw the OAP project on the web. Mine uses XP and Java though, although the princ...
12 years 1 1869

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