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about using the roboard
it has 1ghz processor and 256mg of ram and you said roborealm needs 2ghz 64mb ram min Memory - 64Meg...
7 years 5 2389
About "Reading Digital Displays" Tutorial
This tutorial was great for one set of digits (77.0), but what if there were 8 sets of digits in the image that needed to be rea...
10 years 5 1352
Academic License Purchasing
Hi there, Are you able to provide quotation for 1 academic license for use in my school? We are pur...
5 years 2 766
Accessing COG Variables Through MSRS
I'm trying to create a simple ball following program in Microsoft Robotics Studio using a Lego NXT in conjunction with...
11 years 17 3119
Accessing individual pixels
Hi, How do I access individual pixels to compute some new arithmetic on it. Thanks
11 years 3 1826
Accessing markers through API C++
Hi, I've a couple of errors trying to access markers through RR's API server in C++. Heres...
11 years 2 1798
Accessing the API
Am sorry, I thought Title was something like nick... Anyways here's my Question.... I have...
10 years 8 1622
Accessing two Axis Internet Cameras
I have two Axis internet cameras that I would like to access simultaneously or at a minimal be able to switch between the two ca...
4 years 2 772
Accessing video digitizer
Hello: I have one of the 2.4GHz wireless video cameras that is connected to the ADS Tech DV...
11 years 9 11452
ACER ONE and roborealm
I bought an Acer One (1.6Ghz 160GHDD, 8RAM video, 1GRAM) in order to work with roborealm and lego NXT, only for that.....but whe...
9 years 2 1083
I was investigating about ACRI, and I arrive to Automatas Cellular Stuffs. I would like to know how...
10 years 2 1231
Its a bit complicated, it involves analysing an image and finding out where there are some marks. I need to automatically open t...
5 years 2 1358
Activate the "Train" button using VB6 + RR API
How can I activate the "Train" button using VB6 + RR API in the Shape_Match module?
8 years 3 2257
Activating the server check box
Hi all, I have downloaded the demo of robo form. I want to try using the API. The first step is to activate the ro...
6 years 7 1686
Activating the WebServer RoboRealm?
HI,    From the Webserver document,I get to know Roborealm can send live image over a TCP/IP network.I t...
10 years 2 1282
Active RR Web Server
Hey guys, I am running the active RR web server and viewing it using Firefox on ...
10 years 2 1550
ActiveX interface to RR
Hi, Is there a way of using ActiveX control for RR? I've done it for a number of applicati...
10 years 7 1904
I have just begun to explore this program and am trying to confirm that interfacing to machines that require say a 5 TTL or 12V ...
3 years 2 652
Add an update button to RR
Have you ever considered adding an Update button to RR.  Its kind of a pain in the @55 to go back and find the origina...
7 years 2 994
Add another vote for an OCR module...
Add one more vote for another OCR module - that would be a great mod (particularly if you can train it)... TJ...
10 years 1 1196

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