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Computers, Robotics and Artists Society (CRASH)
CRASH.ORG is a collaborative virtual organization. They exist to bring together people with technical, educational, and artistic backgrounds to work together develop and distribute software, media, and virtual world environments. They facilitate hands-on events where children and adults construct and interact with physical robots, virtual worlds, digital fairy tales, and multimedia art projects.
USA - Houston - TX

Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG)
The Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG), founded in June of 1984, is one of the nation's oldest special interest groups dedicated to the development and use of personal robotics. In addition to monthly meetings the DPRG holds robot competitions, monthly group workshops, and informal weekly lunch meetings.
USA - Dallas - TX 75210

Robot Rebellion
Home of the premier robotics combat event of the Southwest.
USA - Dallas - TX

The Robot Group
The Robot Group was founded in the Spring of 1989 by a small group of Austin, TX artists and engineers who shared a common vision: utilizing technology to provide and explore new mediums for art. Through the synergy of fusing art and technology, The Robot Group has stimulated the public into a playful interest in high technology, and art now has new vehicles for effecting culture.
USA - Austin - TX

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