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Portland Area Robotics Society (PARTS)
The Portland Area Robotics Society was formed to help those interested in learning about and building robots. It includes professionals, amateurs, students, college professors, engineers, artists, hobbyists, and tinkerers. PARTS members explore all aspects of robotics and work toward expanding communication between robot enthusiasts. They share ideas, experience and enthusiasm for building robots.
USA - Portland - OR 97201

Southern Oregon Robotics Society (SORS)
Southern Oregon Robotics Society is embarking on a grand journey to design and build an "Event Robot". This will be their group project between now and the next RoboMaxx planned for late winter of 2006 at the Science Works museum in Ashland. The robot is intended to be able to mingle with guests of the museum during the event, it will be child height, have two robust arms, a head, a multitude of flashy lights and be capable of limited conversation.
USA - Grants Pass - OR 97526

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